A Software Configuration and Deployment Tool For Blockchain Applications.

Why bother building your blockchain application from scratch? 

Using blockchain is no simple task.
Setting up a blockchain node, securing accounts, building a virtual network schema and routing requests, signing transactions, and everything else required to run a proper blockchain application is a pain.

That's why we built the CTRL API. We took care of all that boring stuff so you can start building apps on the blockchain right now.

A real piece of CRUD

CTRL API operates in part as a CRUD database built on IPFS. All transaction logs are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.


The CTRL API is running live at https://ctrl.vaasd.com:5377/v2/
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CTRL Enterprise

Need some extra firepower? 
We offer custom solutions and SLAs. Please contact us for more information.

Why LedgerCTRL?

Why take advantage of the benefits of blockchain without worrying about tedious things like security, account management, authentication, and node administration? We just think it's a smart idea.

Our Approach

your blockchain, Our Servers


The CTRL API comes with a CRUD database and ERC20 token deployment endpoint. If you need more meat, CTRL API can also deploy your custom Solidity contracts.


The CTRL API is running 24/7.
Just get an API key and get building!

Automated Deployment
(Coming Soon)

Deploy our API onto your own server or cloud with a few simple steps.

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Enterprise software configuration and deployment for blockchain applications.

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